Sadakathullah Appa College

(An Autonomous Institution)


NCC - 2009-2010:

Our college NCC unit has the authorized and actusal strength of one officer and 104 cadets. Mr. M.Mohamed Roshan, Asst. Professor, Department of Physics took charge as NCC Caretaker of our college NCC unit on 17.07.09 from our college NCC Officer Lt. S.M. Abdul Kader who has gone on Faculty Development Programme for doing Ph.D. Many of our cadets have participated in a number of camps and activities throughout the year and also their participation is recognized in regional, state level competitions.

National and State Level:

Our Senior Under Officer (SUO) A. Sameer Basha, SGT.S. Ilango (II B.Sc. Zoology), Cadet Gopinath (II B.Sc. Chemistry) attended Army Attachment Camp (National Level) held at Secundarabad in the month of February 2010.

Our CUO Hari Hara Subramanian (II B.Com), CQM Xavier Rajan (II B.Sc. Zoology), Cdt Harimuthu (I B.Sc. Chemistry) & Cdt Atchuthamenon (I B.Sc. Chemistry) attended the Gujarat Trekking Camp(National Level) held in the month of December 2009.

Our Senior Under Officer A.Sameer Basha of II B.Sc. Chemistry attended Inter-Group Competition (IGC) at State Level held in Coimbatore and also attended all the selection camps for Republic Day Camp held at different locations in Tamil Nadu.

Regional Level:

46 boys and 18 girls participated in Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) held at St. John’s School, Palayamkottai and won in a number of competitions.

Other activities:

Our college NCC unit honoured the NAAC Peer Team during its visit in the month of October with the Guard of Honour. Our Contingent took part in Independence Day parade held at V.O.C ground, Palayamkottai. Five of our cadets represented the Tamil Nadu Battalion in Helmet Awareness Rally conducted by Regional Transport Office, Tirunelveli. Sixty cadets of our college NCC unit participated in an Anti Plastic Awareness rally as a social service activity at K.T.C Nagar on October 31 to promote awareness among the public against the use of polythene.


Our Senior Under Officer A.Sameer Basha of II nd B.Sc. Chemistry won the II position in the Guard of Hounour competition in Inter Group Competition (IGC) at State Level held in Coimbatore and also won the First position in the G.K Quiz conducted during CATC at St. John’s school, Palayamkottai. Cadet Bakrudeen of I B.Com won the II prize in the Chess competition conducted by Agricultural College and Research Institute, Killikulam. Cadet Sobana of I B.Sc. Zoology won the First prize in the Throw Ball competition in CATC. Cadet Vijayarani of I B.A Lit won the Best Firer Award in CATC. Our cadets won the first prize for the Group Song event in CATC. Our college unit bagged the second position in CATC in Volley Ball Competition. Our cadet A. Mohamed Ibrahim won the Special Award for his exemplary performance in Martial Arts. Fifty cadets wrote the B Certificate Examination this year and 22 cadets wrote the C Certificate Examinations this year.