Sadakathullah Appa College

(An Autonomous Institution)



The Career Guidance and Placement Cell has been very active and vibrant this academic year. Dr. A. Syed Mohamed is the Co-ordinator . It has organized a series of porgrammes and off-campus drives this year also. An off-campus recruitment drive for CTS (Cognizant Technology and Solutions) was organized at our college on03.04.2014 and 04.04.2014. Dr. Mohamed Sheriff, Principal, PET Engineering College, inaugurated the Drive. 690 students from more than 30Arts and Science Colleges located in Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kaniyakumari and Virudunagar participated in the event. The interview was conducted in three phases such as online aptitude test, personal interview and voice based communication skill test. 28 Students were selected in the final round of whom 11 are our students. They are as follows:

1. Arifa Shabnam.S (B.A. English)

2. Nabisha Rasme.B (B.Sc.)

3. Ayisha Siddiqua.P (B.C.S.)

4. Indhumenna.N (B.Sc. Microbiology)

5. Raja Manickam.R (B.Sc.)

6. Abdul Basith.A.S. (B.A.)

7. Karthik Raja.T (B.A. English)

8. Noorul Farisha Musaiyana.T (B.Sc. Zoology)

9. Ramesh.B (B.Sc., IT)

10. Amir Rasheed.N (B.B.A.)

11. Ashika Parvin.S (B.C.A.)

The selected students received their appointment orders from the Secretary of our college Management, Alhaj. T.E.S. Fathu Rabbani and President Alhaj. P.S.A. Pallak Lebbe. The Placement Cell organized another Off-Campus Recruitment Drive for ICICI Bank on 24.12.2014. 140 students from various Arts and Science Colleges in and around Tirunelveli participated in the Drive. The Interview was conducted in three rounds such as Communication Test, Online Test and Personal Interview. 27 students were able to make it in the Final Round of whom 4 are our students. They are as follows:

1. K. Nabina

2. M. Syed Abdul Kather

3. S. Malathi

4. S. Rajuvela

The Stipend for them during the training period is Rs. 7,500/-. The total emolument is Rs. 1,75,000/- per annum. The Career-guidance Placement Cell of our College in collaboration with ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu organized a month-long training Programme on “Skill Development in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance” (BFSI) from 22.12.2014 to 31.01.2015. The Programme was attended by 60 job-seekers.

The Cell in association with the Tamil Nadu Magalir Welfare Scheme Corporation organized a ‘College Bazaar’ with a view to promoting the products manufactured by Self-Help Group members from 08.01.2015 to 10.01.2015. Honourable District Collector Dr. Karunagaran, I.A.S., inaugurated the event. Thetotal sales that took place in the Bazaar were Rs. 2,10,800/-.

The Placement Cell in association with the District Employment Office and SC/ST Training Centre, Tirunelveli organized a day long conference and exhibition on 19.02.2015. The District Collector Dr. Karunagaran inaugurated the conference titled, “Career Guidance and Placement Opportunities”.

Training Programmes organized by the Cell are as follows:


Name of the Resource

Person Title/Theme


No. of Students


Mr. G. Rengan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Asst. General Manager, IOB (Retd.) ABCD Academy, Chennai.

Effective Communication


180 (All 3rd Year Unaided Students)


Mr. Prasad, Team Member, ABCD Academy.

Mr. G. Rengan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Asst. General Manager, IOB (Retd.) ABCD Academy, Chennai.

Presentation Skill & Effective Communication


160 (All 3rd Year aided Arts Students)


Mr. RajaBabu, M.E., Trainer, CMC Academy, Tirunelveli

C, C++ and HTML


III B.Com. (C.A.)