Grand S. No S.No. Name of the Staff Name of the Guide Area of the Ph.D. work Details of regn. Status
1 1. S. Mohamed Ramlath Sabura Dr. S. Muthalagi Asst. Professor of Zoology Dental cares & Flourosis October 2012 Submitted
2 1. J. Jemi Merlin Rani Dr. Mary Hepsibai , St.Mary’s College , Tuticorin , M.S. University , Tirunelveli. Social Service Activities of CSI Tirunelveli Diocese 11/09/2011 Nearing Completed
3 2. Saidali. P.P Prof. Radhika Singba centre for historical studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi Malabar Muslims and the Re-making of Islamic identities languages, Histories and spaces c-1880-1970 22/07/2013 Nearing Completed
4 3. Shamli. C. K. Dr. T. Muhammedali, Head&Associate Prof., Dept. Of History, Farrok College Calicut University of Calicut Social history of ship building in Malabar 7/7/2014 Nearing Completed
Tamil (Aided)
5 1. J. Ubaiyathulla Dr.P. Nisar Ahmed, Former Head, Dept. Of. Arabic, Persian and Urdu , University of madras Chennai – 05 Literature April 2009 Pursuing
6 2. S.A. Mohamed Rafeek Dr. M. Abdul Khadar , Asso. Prof . Dept. Of Arabic, Jamal Mohamed College Trichy - 20 Islamic Juris Prudence April – 2010 Submitted
Nutrition & Dietetics
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
7 1. M. Mohamed Roshan Dr. K. Rajagopal Drug interactions Biophysical Chemistry 06.10.2010 Submitted
English ( Unaided)
8 1. Mrs. L. Anita Gnanamuthu Dr. Beueson American Fiction - Submitted
9 2. Mrs. L. Faustina Leo Dr. Kanna Muthaiah Indian Fiction - Submitted
10 3. Mr. P. Abu Kaniba Meeran Dr. Benesan ELT - Submitted
11 4. Mr. V. Sathish Dr. Edward Indian Fiction March 2011 Pursuing
12 5. Mrs. Benazir Nuzrath Dr. Haneef Tribal lit Aug 2017 Pursuing
13 6. Mrs. Kiruba Aruputha Jebamary Dr. Hema Afro American March 2017 Pursuing
14 7. Mrs. M. Jebamalar Freeda Dr. Hema Translation March 2017 Pursuing
15 8. Mr. Mohamed Iqbal Hussain Dr. Abdul Hakeem African American April 2018 Pursuing
Nil - - - -
Commerce ( Finance)
16 1. K. Ahamed Anis Fathima Dr. A. Hamil Marketing 14/10/2015 Pursuing
17 2. J.A.M.Omeray Farook Dr.S.M.A. Syed Mohamed Khaja Human Resource 10/01/2018 Pursuing science(regular)
18 1 Mr.A. Shakul Hamid Dr. S.P. Victor St. Xavier’s college Tirunelveli Image processing Submitted
19 2. Mr. S.M.A. Khaleelur Rahman Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik Data Mining - Pursuing