Grand S. No S.No. Name of the Staff Name of the Guide Area of the Ph.D. work Details of regn. Status
1 1. M. Sathick Ali Dr. A. Rama Samy HOD, M.S. Univerrsity Modern Literature Short Stories Nov 2015 Pursuing
2 2. J.Kumar Dr. P. Prakasam, Pachayappas College, Chennai. Modern Literature Puthukavithai Oct 2005 Synopsis Submitted
3 3. R. Vijayalakshmi Dr. Jeyarathi Ponmalar, STC College, Tirunelveli. Modern Literature Novel Nov 2014 Pursuing
Tamil (Aided)
4 1. J. Ubaiyathulla Dr.P. Nisar Ahmed, Former Head, Dept. Of. Arabic, Persian and Urdu , University of madras Chennai – 05 Literature April 2009 Pursuing
5 2. S.A. Mohamed Rafeek Dr. M. Abdul Khadar , Asso. Prof . Dept. Of Arabic, Jamal Mohamed College Trichy - 20 Islamic Juris Prudence April – 2010 Submitted
Arabic (SF)
6 1. M.Syed Mohamed Ilyas Dr.S.Abdul Maluiq Dr.PS.Nisar Ahamed : His life and his contribution to Arabic literature 20/07/2011 Pursuing
7 2. M.Abul Hasan Dr.NM.Ahamed Ibrahim Quran and Hadeeth 17/01/2018 Pursuing
8 3. K.J.Mohideen Abdul Kadir Dr.A.Mohamed Ismail Indo-Arabic Literature 28/03/2018 Pursuing
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
English ( Unaided)
9 1. Mrs. L. Anita Gnanamuthu Dr. Beueson American Fiction - Submitted
10 2. Mrs. L. Faustina Leo Dr. Kanna Muthaiah Indian Fiction - Submitted
11 3. Mr. P. Abu Kaniba Meeran Dr. Benesan ELT - Submitted
12 4. Mr. V. Sathish Dr. Edward Indian Fiction March 2011 Pursuing
13 5. Mrs. Benazir Nuzrath Dr. Haneef Tribal lit Aug 2017 Pursuing
14 6. Mrs. Kiruba Aruputha Jebamary Dr. Hema Afro American March 2017 Pursuing
15 7. Mrs. M. Jebamalar Freeda Dr. Hema Translation March 2017 Pursuing
16 8. Mr. Mohamed Iqbal Hussain Dr. Abdul Hakeem African American April 2018 Pursuing
Mathematics (SF)
17 1. A.Rizwana Dr.G. Jeyakumar Head & Associate Professor ,Department of Mathematics, St.John’s College, Palaymakottai. Chemical Graph Theory 20,Feb 2015 To submit in November
18 2. U. Jerseena Dr.S. Syed Ali Fathima Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sadakathullah Appa College, Tirunelveli. A generalized sets and function in various branches of topology 10, Jan 2018 Pursuing
19 3. H.M. Sulthan Ahtar Dr.S. Syed Ali Fathima, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Sadakathullah Appa College, Tirunelveli. A study on Domination Theory In Sports Scheduling 10, Aug 2017 Pursuing
20 4. S. Angelin Kavuitha Raj Dr.S. Robinson Chelladurai, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil. Domination In Graph Theory 10, July 2012 To Submit In November