Grand S. No S.No. Name of the Staff Name of the Guide Area of the Ph.D. work Details of regn. Status
Mathematics (Aided)
21 1. A. Rahetha Begam Dr. S. Jayalakshmi Structural Equation Modeling. 06/03/17 Pursuing
22 1. M. Mohamed Roshan Dr. K. Rajagopal Drug interactions Biophysical Chemistry 06.10.2010 Submitted
Physics (PG)
23 1. A. Zeenath Bazeera Dr. S. Selvaraj Associate Professor, M.D.T Hindu college. Dr. A. Syed Mohamed Assistant Professor, Sadakathullah Appa College. Organic NLO Crystals- Crystal Gropwth 12/01/2015 Pursuing
24 2. A. Ferin Fathima Dr.R. Jothimani Asst. Professor, Sadakathullah Appa College Nano Materials - Pursuing
25 3. A. Ponchitra Dr. K. Balasubramanian, Associate Professor, M.D.T. Hindu College. Crystal Growth 12/08/2015 Pursuing
26 1. R. Imran Khan Dr. K. Pitchumani Professor, School of Chemical Science, Madurai Kamraj university. Host- Guest Chemistry, Utility of Modified Cyclodextrin in Organic Tranformation 16/12/2014 Submitted
27 1. S. Mohamed Ramlath Sabura Dr. S. Muthalagi Asst. Professor of Zoology Dental cares & Flourosis October 2012 Submitted science(regular)
28 1 Mr.A. Shakul Hamid Dr. S.P. Victor St. Xavier’s college Tirunelveli Image processing Submitted
29 2. Mr. S.M.A. Khaleelur Rahman Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik Data Mining - Pursuing
Commerce ( Finance)
30 1. K. Ahamed Anis Fathima Dr. A. Hamil Marketing 14/10/2015 Pursuing
31 2. J.A.M.Omeray Farook Dr.S.M.A. Syed Mohamed Khaja Human Resource 10/01/2018 Pursuing
Commerce (Aided)
32 1. A. I. Shakul Hamid
33 2. M. Abdul Rahman
34 3. A. Benazir
35 4. J. Abdul Khader Dr. M. Sirajudeen Asst. Professor Department of Commerce Jamal Mohamed College Trichy Investment management 1/04/2017 Pursuing
36 5. E.D. Priyadharashini
Commerce(SF) ‘A’ Section
37 1. J. Asanya Fathima Dr. A. Hamil Service Quality on DTH(Direct To Home) Services in Tirunelveli dist. November 2015 Pursuing
38 2. J.A.S. Mohamed Ehya Dr.S.M.A. Syed Mohamed Khaja Service Marketing 10/11/2018 Pursuing