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YOUTH WELFARE - 2007-2008

Dr. S.Mahadevan is in charge of youth welfare and he has been training and motivating the students to take part in various competitions. Some of the winners this year in youth welfare programmes and department programmes are:


K.Ananthi (III B.Sc.Zoo.)

Poster presentation (15-12-2008) in “AQUAMEET-08”

Kamaraj college,Tuticorin 15-12-08 &16-12-08

1st prize

Mahalakshmi & others

Ornamental Fish-Expo, Nellai & ornamenstal fish culture training for income generation

CARE,St.Xavier’s College,Palayamkottai 22-02-08 & 24-02-08

2nd prize

Benazir Nuzrath (I B.A Eng.)

English oratorical competition

M.S University on the occasion of NSS Day at St. John’s College 24.9.07

1st prize

Benazir Nuzrath (I B.A Eng.)

National Youth Festival

Ministry of Youth Affairs,12-16.01.08,Chennai

Represented M.S.U

Meenakshi (III zoo.)

Selected as Student journalist

Aval vikadan

Thangaleela (III B.Sc.Micro.)


Pasumai vikadan

Rose Angeline(III B.Sc.Chem.)


Shakthi vikadan

Narayani K.Rema I B.Com

Essay Competition on Thirukural

Nagercoil Thirukural Thiruchabai,20-1-08

II prize


M.Shanmuga Priya (IIMaths)

P.Parvathee (I BA Eng.)


Begam(II BA Eng.)

Mime Competition

Jeya TV at Sangeetha Saba

I prize

Misfa (II Maths)

Benazir Nuzrath

(I BA Eng.),S.Priya (I IT)

Mime Competition

Jeya TV at Sangeetha Saba

II prize

Benazir Nuzrath (I BA Eng)


Jeya TV at Sangeetha Saba,Nellai

I Prize

Benazir Nuzrath(I BA Eng)

Literary Parade

St.Xavier’s College

III Prize

Mohamed Mohideen (II BA Eng)& M.Benazir Nuzrath (I BA Eng)

Model Parliament

Youth Red Cross, M.S University at St. John’s HS School 25-1-08

Selected to participate at Delhi

Jesumary Snowba




Mime Show

Mangaiyar Malar Magazine. Won at District,6-District,10-District levels held at Tirunelveli, Madurai,&Trichy

Rs.3000 Cash Award

A.Ayisha Benazir (III Maths)

S,Roshan Shafiha

M.Ramiz Fathima

Quiz Programme

Tamil Nadu Tourism Department at Sarah Tucker College

III Prize

Benazir Nuzrath (I BA Eng)

Mono Acting

Jeya TV at Sangeetha Saba,Nellai

III Prize

Misfa (II Maths)


Jeya TV at Sangeetha Saba,Nellai

II Prize