Sadakathullah Appa College

(An Autonomous Institution)


YOUTH WELFARE - 2011-2012

The Youth Welfare Department organized a seminar on the theme: “Anusakthi Vizipunarvu” on 22-02-2011. The director of the atomic power plant, Kudankulam Mr. R.S. Sunder and other scientists participated on 04-08-2011. In collaboration with the Red Cross Society it conducted a seminar on the theme: “Hiroshima Day”. The vice president of the state Red Cross Society, Mr. D.A.Prabhakar was the chief guest. In order to create an awareness among the office bearers and representatives of our College Students’ Union, two workshops were conducted. The themes were “Emayam Vellum Ilaya Bharatham” and “Vaakalar Vizuppunarvu”. The popular Tamil weekly Anandha Vikadan interviewed 40 of our students for its special issue entitled “Vikadan Campus”. Our students have won more than a 100 state, district and university-level prizes.