Scholarships for poor and needy students are given from out of various endowments and Zakat funds collected by the Islamic Study Circle sparing the Government Scholarships.

Poor and needy students are benefitted through ‘Earn While You Learn’ scheme in which they work part-time with the College Office, Library, Book-Depot and the Attendance Department.

Deeniyath and Moral-Instruction classes are conducted on Wednesdays for Muslim and Non-Muslim students respectively to enhance the values of the learners.

Almost all Muslim girl students wear Purda (Hijab) on their own interest.

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th with an illustrious chief guest. Various competitions are also conducted to encourage the girl students.

There are separate entrances and staircase for boys and girls. The first bell is for the girls to leave and second bell is for boys.

Students themselves have formed a council named Students’ Self-Aiding Council which collects a nominal amount of 10 rupees from each student and helps the poor and needy students to pay various fees.

A number of staff members come forward to extend financial assistance to deserving students.

Students’ Council functions effectively with 4 office bearers and class representatives who are elected through electronic voting to represent genuine problems of students.

The staff members go for a family tour every year organized by the Staff Association.

Parent – Teacher Association and The Alumni Association contribute financially for constructive activities. Both the associations conduct interactive meetings every year.

A separate prayer hall for girls in the College accommodates students to offer prayers.

Student volunteers plant saplings in the sprawling campus.

Ramps and Rails have been constructed for the convenience of the physically challenged students. Wheel chairs have also been provided.

Profile cards for all students with their particulars have been maintained by the concerned departments.

Students those who absent themselves for genuine reasons during the CIA examinations are allowed to take a retest. The outgoing students are allowed to take supplementary exams for a maximum of 2 papers.

Students are given opportunities to do Master of Ceremony during the conduct of various meetings in the College viz., Assembly Meetings and student oriented meetings.

Anchoring of all the programmes conducted in the College is done in English.

The Iftar Get-together is hosted annually by well-wishers.

All important functions of the College are attended by stake holders. A Deeniyath quiz at the end of the year is conducted.