DATE: 4.7.17 – 6.7.17
NSS Units: 11,12,13,14,151,152

The special camp for voter ID registration inaugural programme at Sadakathullah Appa College began at 11 am in the seminar hall. Qirath was recited by Abdul Azeez of II B.Sc. Physics. The gathering was welcomed by Dr. P. Jeslin Kanaga Inba, NSS Programme Officer. The college Principal Dr. M. Mohammed Sathik gave the presidential address. He spoke on the greatness of our country and the need to caste our vote. The felicitation address was given byDr. Abdul Kader, Director of self-financing courses. He mentioned that only 60 % of the Indians vote and the remaining 40 %do notvote even if they havethe right to vote. Mr. Thangaraj, Thasildar, Palayamkottai spoke on the intiate taken by the Election commission of India to ensure that all above the age of 18 have voter ID. Mr. Selvakumar, Deputy Thasildar, Palayamkottai spoke on the rights of Indians to vote. The gursts were felicitated with shawl. Prof. Premalatha, NSS programme officer, gave the vote of thanks. 1368 students in our college are eligible to vote. 480 have electoral ID and remaining 888 students need ID. The programme came to an end with the National Anthem. All the second year NSS students were present. All the NSS programme officers were present. Five of our NSS volunteers went for registration training at FX Engineering College, Tirunelveli. After the inaugural programme, the registration of voter ID was started by Mr. Thangaraj, Thasildar, Palayamkottai. The special camp for voter ID registration was done in our campus for 3 days from 4.7.17 to 6.7.17. Nearly 200 students were benefitted.

DATE: 13.07.2017
NSS Units: 11,12,13,14,151,152

Blood donation camp was jointly organized by Rotary club Tirunelveli central and NSS units of Sadakathullah Appa College on 13.7.17. The blood donation camp began at 10.30 am. in the Seminar Hall. The program began with Tamil Thai Valthu. Quirath was recited by Prof. M. Shahul Hameed. He also gave the Welcome address. He cited the example of Hidendran. Special address was given by the Principal, Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik. He mentioned that irrespective of caste, colour, creed and religion every member of the society should come forward to donate blood. Felicitation address was given by Dr. Chinnadurai Abdullah. He mentioned that he had donated blood more than 31 times and gave his personal experiences. Tirunelveli Commissioner Mr. Siva Subramanian also spoke on the need to donate blood. Vote of Thanks was given by Mr. Subramanian, club chairman vocation service. Nearly 50 students donated blood. Free juice and food was provided for all the donors. Rotary club gave T shirts and certificates to the donors. All the second year NSS students were present. All the NSS Programme officers were present.

DATE: 16.07.2017

Tirunelveli Corporation and Anna University, Regional Campus Tirunelveli jointly organize the mission clean Thamirabarani. The aim is toclean the river from pollution. The students of Sadakathullah Appa College from the NSS nits undertook the mission to clean the river on 16.07.2017 near Ganesapuram, Tirunelveli Junction. Nearly 50 students took part and the NSS programme officers Prof. Shahul Hameed and Prof. Mohamed Yeheya were present. Certificates were given to the students for their participation and an award was given to the college for encouraging the students.

DATE: 15.08.2017
NSS Units: 11,12,13,14,151,152

The college celebrated the Independence Day on 15.08.2017. Prof. Rabi Ahamed, Principal i/c presided over the function. The chief guest of the function was Mr. Vanchi Gopalakrishnan, the heir of Vanchinathan, freedom fighter. Oath was taken regarding the remembrance of 75th anniversary of quit India movement. Tree saplings were planted in the hostel campus. Sweets were distributed. All the NSS and NCC students and the programme officers were present.

DATE: 21.8.17 – 23.8.17
NSS Units: 11,12,13,14,151,152

College Bazaar was organized in the college auditorium jointly by the Tirunelveli Corporation and NSS units of Sadakathullah Appa College for 3 days. The program was inaugurated on 21.8.2017 by the Tirunelveli Collector Mr. Sandeep Nanthuri at 10 am. Nearly 25 stalls were kept. The Bazaar had handmade bags, jewellery, eatables, pickles, watches etc. The students of our college were benefitted as the prices were of reasonable one. The Maghalir Suya Yuthavi Kuzhus of various places in Tirunelveli district participated.

DATE: 21.09.17
NSS Units: 11,12,13,14,151,152

SEED India Trust and Sadakathullah Appa college NSS units jointly organized the Dengue awareness programme on 21.09.2017. The programme began with Qirath by Ajeez Akthar of II B.Sc. Physics. Welcome address was given by Prof. M. Sahul Hameed, NSS programme Officer. Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik, Principal gave the Presidential address. Felicitation address was given by unaided courses director Dr. Abdul Kader. Special address was given by Dr. Vanitha Sankar, Siddha hospital doctor. She spoke on the types of dengue and created an awareness among students on the food habits and need for organic and traditional food. Dr. S.A. Ponnambalam, founder SEED trust gave the introductory speech. Dr. D. Raja Sankar, Dr. G. Raja Sankar were also present. At the end of the programme students were given Nilavembu decotion. Nearly 250 students and all the NSS programme officers were present.