Computer Science

Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
D.M.ANNIE BRIGHTY CHRISTILIN Assistant Professor Introduction to Software Engineeering
Image Animation using ImageList in VBNet


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Dr. J. Abdul Khader Assistant Professor Branches and methods of Accounting
Accounting concepts and conventions
What is Journal and ledger?
Need for IAS & IFRS
Rules of Debit & Credit
Journal entries Part 1
Journal entries Part 2
Journal entries Part 3
How to Prepare Journal entries?
Journalise the following entries
How to prepare Trial Balance?
Subsidiary books
Purchases book
Sales book- subsidiary book
Purchase returns and sales returns
Bills receivables and Bills payable book
Types of Cash book
Simple Cash book
Two column cash book
Three column cash book
Petty cash book
Rectification of Errors
Rectification of Errors

Commerce- Finance

Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr.K.AHAMED ANIS FATHIMA Assistant Professor Cost accounting introduction
Cost accounting concepts
Objectives of Costing
Advantages of costing
Methods of Costing
Element of Costing
Cost sheet format
Cost sheet with expected profits
Types of stock level,EOQ , problems
Pricing of material issue fifo method
Base stock ,Shortage
simple average method
weighted average method
Cost sheet with closing stock calculation


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
PON PARTHIBAN Assitant Professor
MALIK Assistant Professor
ANUSHIYA Assistant Professor


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. A. SYED MOHAMED Assistant Professor & Head Module 1 OBS Session - 1
Module 2 OBS Session - 2
Module 3 OBS Session - 3
Module 4 OBS Session - 4
Module 5 OBS Session - 5
Module 6 OBS Session - 6
Module 7 Openshot
Module 8 Wiki pages Session 1
Module 9 Wiki pages Session 2
Module 10 Wiki pages Session 3
Module 1 ,Gravimetric Analysis , Module: 1 Principle and Types
Gravimetric Analysis, Module: 2 Apparatus required and Important Steps used in gravimetric estimation
Gravimetric Analysis , Module: 3 Estimation of Ba as BaCrO4
Gravimetric Analysis , Module: 4 Estimation of Pb as PbCrO4
Gravimetric Analysis , Module: 5 Estimation of Zn as zinc oxinate
Gravimetric Analysis , Module: 6 , Estimation of Ni as Nickel dimethyl glyoximate
Gravimetric Analysis , Module: 7 Estimation of Ca as Calcium oxalate monohydrate
Gravimetric Analysis, Module: 8 Estimation of Cu as Cuprous thiocyanate


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. P. JESLIN KANAGA INBA Assistant Professor Module 1 – Molisch’s Test
Module 2 – Iodine Test
Module 3 – Reducing sugar
Module 4 – Barfoed’s Test
Module 5 – Seliwanoff’s Test
Module 6 –Osazone Test
Estimation of ascorbic acid
Estimation of acid number of oil
Estimation of saponification number of oil
Estimation of hyDrogen peroxide
Module 1: Preparation of Standard Solution
Module 2- Estimation of sulphuric acid
Module 3 – Estimation of Sodium hyDroxide
Module 4 – Estimation of sodium oxalate
Module 5 – Estimation of Ferrous ion (Permanganometry)
Module 6 – Estimation of Ferrous ion by internal indicator (Dichrometry)
Module 7 – Eatimation of Copper (Iodometry)
Module 8 – Estimation of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate
Module 9 – Estimation of ferrous ion by external indicator (Dichrometry)
Module 10 – Estimation of acetic acid in commercial vinegar


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. I ANTONY DANISH Assistant Professor Module I - Preparation of Inorganic Compounds [Double Salts and Complexes]
Module II - Preparation of Potash Alum
Module III - Preparation of tetraamine copper (II) sulphate
Module IV - Preparation of chrome alum
Module V - Preparation of Prussian blue
Module VI - Preparation of sodium ferrioxalate
Module VII - Preparation of potassium trisoxalatoferrate(III)
Module VIII -Preparation of hexathiourea lead (II) nitrate
Module IX - Preparation of tristhiourea copper (II) chloridedihyDrate
TLC Module I
TLC Module II


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. M. THAMEEM ANSARI Assistant Professor Module I - Preliminary Analysis
Module II – Analysis for anions – Carbonate, Oxalate, Bromide, Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrate
Module III –Analysis for Borate and Phospate
Module IV –Analysis of anions through Sodium Carbonate Extract
Module V – Elimination of Interfering acid radicals
Module VI – Group Fixing
Module VII – Analysis of Group I, II & III basic radicals
Module VIII – Analysis of Group IV and V basic radicals
Module IX – Analysis of Ammonium and Magnesium
Module XIII – Principles of Green Chemistry and Bromination of trans-Stilbene
Module XIV - Bromination of Acetanilide
Module XV – Preparation of N-Benzyl Benzamide from Benzoic Acid


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. SHEIK MUHAIDEEN BADHUSHA Assistant Professor Module-1: Bezanilide from Aniline
Module-2:Phenybenzoate from Phenol
Module-3:Picric Acid from Phenol
Module-4: p-Nitroactanilide from Acetanilide
Module-5: p-bromoacetanilide from Acetanilide
Module-6: Salicylic acid from Methyl Salycilate
Module-7: Benzoic acid from Benzamide
Module-8: Benzoic acid from Benzaldehyde
Module-9: p-benzoquinone from hyDroquinone
Module-10: Aniline from Nitrobenzene
Module-11: m-Nitroaniline from m-dinitrobenzene
Module-12: Glocosazone from glucose


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. M. A. SABITHA Assistant Professor Module: 1 Verification of Ostwald’s Dilution law
Module: 2 Primary salt effect
Module 3 - Kinetics of persulphate – iodide reaction in solution
Module: 4 -Study of distribution of benzoic acid
Module: 5 -Comparison of acid strength by ester hyDrolysis
Module: 6 - Heat of solution of naphthalene – toluene system
Module: 7 - Heat of solution of oxalic acid – water system
Module: 8 - Heat of solution of ammonium oxalate – water system
Module: 9 - Adsorption of acetic acid on activated charcoal
Module:10-Partial molar volume of solute&solvent in a binary mixture
Module: 12 - Computational Chemistry - Draw simple molecules


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. R. IMRAN KHAN Assistant Professor Estimation of Glucose by Bertand’s Method
Module-2: Estimation of Glucose by Lane-Eynon’s Method
Module-3: Estimation of the Iodine value of oil
Module-4: Preparation of Bromoaniline from acetanilide
Module-5: Preparation of Paranitroaniline from acetanilide
Module-6: Preparation of Benzanilide from Benzophenonon
Module-7: Preparation of Phthalimide from Pthalicacid
Module-8: Preparation of 2,4,6-tribromoaniline from aniline
Module-9: Preparation of Benzilquinoxaline from Benzoin


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. S. BRILLEIANS REVIN Assistant Professor Module 1: Estimation of acetic acid and sodium acetate in the buffer
Module 2: Estimation of strengths of strong and weak acid in a mixture - Conductometry
Module 4: Determination of dissociation constant of acetic acid- conductometry
Module 9: Determination of dissociation constant of a weak acid - potentiometry
Module 10: Estimation of strengths of strong and weak acid in a mixture -potentiometry
Module 3: Estimation of the strength of HCl and NH4Cl in the mixture
Module 6: Determination of order of saponification of an ester by half life method
Module 5: Determination of solubility product of sparingly soluble salt
Module 7: Estimation of ferrous ammonium sulphate
Module 8: Estimation of KMnO4


Staff Name Designation Name of the Module Link
Dr. M. MOHAMED ROSHAN Assistant Professor & Head Fresnel Bi-Prism
Comparison of Mutual inducatance
Thermo EMF
Figuere of Merit
Determination of Planck's constant
Correspondence Principle
Units of Radioactivity
Acceptance angle
critical angle
Evolution of Fibers
Polarization by reflection
P & D of polarised lights
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