Youth Welfare

About The Youth Welfare Department

The Department of Youth welfare and Fine arts is formed with an objective to promote cultural activities among students. Primarily, students are being auditioned or given chances to exhibit their talents. After selection, they are given guidance and training to participate in various competitions in Intra College level, Inter College level, District level, State level, National level and International level. The students from various departments being the part of a variety of cultural both individual and team events, shall be provided with special permission to have participation in competitions. The winning students and the participated students are honoured for their dedicative effort and hard work.


A Compassionate and well-trained team of faculty members creating and encouraging multi-talented youths through competitions for producing future leaders, teachers, public speakers, writers and active personalities for a better world.


Our Mission is
  • to encourage students to participate in different competitions.
  • to bring out the hidden or inherent talents among students.
  • to develop self-confidence and leadership quality among students.
  • to conduct competitions for the students for the intra-college level during republic day and independence day.
  • to facilitate students to participate Inter-college level competition.

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