Dr.S.M.Abdul Kader

   IQAC Chairperson

Dr. A. Syed Mohamed,

  IQAC Coordinator

Mr. S. Khaleel Ahamed,

   Deputy IQAC Coordinator


   Assistant IQAC Coordinator

The IQAC of our College, established in 2006, channelizes all efforts and measures of the institution towards promoting its holistic academic excellence. Our curriculum is inclusive and challenging. The curriculum is designed to sensitize students to current developments taking place worldwide and educate them for the future so that they can be culturally versatile and are comfortable working, communicating and collaborating with people all over the world. In this view the IQAC of our College aims at developing a system for conscious catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the institution and the IQAC is successful in achieving it.

The IQAC of our College strives to provide a good environment for learning. It envisages giving Quality Assurance in all the ventures undertaken by the institution. The IQAC gives more emphasis on revising the curriculum with a focus on need-based courses and global trends. It focuses on introducing inter-disciplinary, job-oriented and skill-based courses. It also focuses on introducing Choice Based Credit System with academic flexibility for the students to select the subjects of their interest, introducing socially relevant extension programmes and implementing Feedback Mechanism.

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