The Sadakathullah Appa College Library has emerged as a Knowledge Resource Centre, catering mainly to the information needs of the Faculty, Research Scholars and students. The Library is functioning since its inception from the year 1971. It is shelved as an independent department on the campus with a floor area of nearly 3,600 sq.ft. Now, a new building is being been constructed with a ground floor area of 6000 sq.ft and 6000sq.ft as its first floor.

Automation of this library consisting of over fifty one thousand books and documents has been completed and is put to use. Library users have always cherished memories of availing of the services of this treasure-house of documents since the past decades. The collections in the library include Books, National and International Journals, standard newspapers and magazines and online e-resources. The Library is equipped with all modern facilities on par with International standards.

It gives training to students to get access to books and journals using standard websites like NPTEL. We are also a member in INFLIBNET-NLIST & DELNET for accessing their databases. We receive a lot of e-resources (i.e e-books, e-journals) from these databases.

The library provides Information Services, Reference Services, Bibliographic Services and Reprographic Services. On a whole, it is a great pride to say that SAC Library acts as The Ocean of Knowledge which quenches the thirst of the library users. The library is providing a happy, user friendly atmosphere for learning and distribution of knowledge and information.

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1. Perfect silence should be maintained in the library.
2. All days are working days except Sunday and Government holidays.
3. The Library works from 8.00 a.m to 6.30 p.m [Without any Break]
4. The Library will be open on Saturdays, Examination days and Semester holidays from 10.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m.
5. The personal belongings of the students (bags, books, notebooks, etc.) should not be brought inside the library.
6. Library users should not move the chairs.
7. Cellular phones and audio instruments are strictly prohibited in the library premises.
8. Enter your name and signature in the Gate Register before entering the library.
9. Students will not be permitted to enter the library without ID cards
10. Two Books will be issued for UG students, 4 Books for PG Students, M.Phil and Ph.D Scholars
11. Teaching faculty can borrow five books. However the duration of lending should not exceed one semester.
12 . Non-Teaching staff can borrow three books only. However the duration of lending should not exceed one semester.
13. For students, the books are lent for 14 days. Books should be compulsorily returned on the due date. In case, if the due date falls on a holiday the books should be returned on the next working day.
14. Books shall be renewed once on request while being returned. A second renewal shall be made at the discretion of the Librarian.
15. An overdue charge of Rs.0.50 paise will be collected per day for not returning the book on the due date.
16. Loss of library books should be immediately reported to the Librarian.
17. In case if the borrower loses or damages the library book(s) he / she has to replace the book(s) or pay triple the cost of the book(s).
18. Journals, Magazines, Thesis, Project Reports, Reference Books, CD / DVD’s and Newspapers are for reference only.
19. Any kind of marking, underlining or clipping of the books is completely forbidden.
20. No Due Certificate must be got from the Librarian while relieving from the college.
21. Library books be used with utmost care and be returned without any damage. Damaged book(s) shall not be accepted and they have to be replaced by the borrower.
22. Exchange of library books among staff members or students should be avoided.
23. The Librarian may recall any book from any member at any time and the member should abide by it immediately.
24. The library accepts donation of useful manuscripts, books and journals etc., for the use by staff and students.
25. If any user is found to violate the rules, the College will take severe action on him/ her.


Follow the instructions given by the staff members. Do not talk unnecessarily with other students
Do use the Internet lab often, to utilize the literally immense database resources available for free unlimited downloads. Do not touch, attempt to repair, open, tamper or interface with computers,cabling, air-conditioners or other equipment in the Internet laboratory
Sign in the “Internet and Browsing Entry Register” kept for users. Do not change the setting arrangements or install / uninstall any programmes without permission.
Respect fellow users and handle all equipment in the laboratory, with care. Do not log on to social websites like Facebook, Orkut, etc..,
Do save your work after downloading files: My Network - SERVER-PC - Users - PUBLIC or send the files to your mail ID. Do not misbehave in the Internet Lab
Do not shutdown the computers while leaving. Do not use Pen drives


1 Circulation Service
2. OPAC Service (On-Line Public Access Catalogue)
3. Infromation Alert Service
4. Current Awareness Service(CAS)
5. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
6. Reference Service
7. User Orientation / Information Literacy
8. Book Bank Facility
9. Referral Service
10. Photocopying / Scanning / Printing / CD burning Services
11. Literature Search
12. E-mail Alert Service
13. Plagiarism Checker Service
14. ISBN No. issuing Service
15. Academic and Research Connect Platforms Services
16. Access to E-Books and E-Journals


1. Acquisition Section
2. Technical Section
3. Circulation Section
4. Maintenance Section(Stack Room)
5. Reference Section
6. Periodical Section
7. Thesis Section
8. Browsing Section
9. E-Library
10. Competitive Exam Section


1 Special Lectures on "Using Library Resources" 05.01.2013
2 Special Lecture on "Access to E-Resources and their Impact" 22.04.2013
3 Special Lectures on " An Introduction to services offered by the American Library 26.09.2013
4 Journal Release Function Sadakath A Research Bulletin 24.12.2013
5 UGC Sponsored One-Day National Level Workshop on "Access to E-Resources Through NLIST and other Sources 10.01.2014
6 Special Lecture on "Information Search for Writing Projects and Research Articles for PG Students and Research Scholars" 25.08.2014
7 Special Lecture on "How to Prepare Yourself for Competitive Examinations" 30.10.2014
8 A Two Day National Conference on "The Challenges and Opportunities in the Management of Libraries and Information Services for Knowledge Society" 28.11.2014 & 29.11.2014
9 Special Lecture on "Using E-Resources for Research through Libraries" 12.08.2015
10 Book Exhibition - 2015 30.08.2015
11 Special Lecture on "Open Publishing Systems" 31.12.2015
12 TNPSC Group - II A Mock Test 10.01.2016
13 Forum for IAS & IPS Aspirants 12.01.2016
14 One Day National Level Workshop on "Writing Research Articles for Beginners" 29.01.2016
15 Special Lectures on "Learning Resources through Library" 06.10.2016
16 TNPSC Group IV Mock Test 23.10.2016
17 Special Lecture on "Breathing Books" 25.03.2017
18 One Day National Seminar on "Improving Your API Scores Based on UGC Regulations" 21.07.2017
19 Dr.S.R.Ranganathan 125th Birth Day Celebration 11.08.2017
20 Swachh Bharat 25.09.2017 to 28.09.2017
21 Inter-Campus Programme - Seminar on "Utilization of E-Resources" 04.10.2017
22 TNPSC CCSE - IV Mock Exam - 2018 06.02.2018
23 Student’s Reporter Training Programme 01.03.2018

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