S.No Funding Agencies Principal Investigator Title of the project Year of Sanction Sanction Amount
1 UGC Dr. Pauline Suganthy Vijayabarathy
Department of Nutrition
The etiology of hypertension and Diabetic mellitusamong people living below poverty line and the impact of awareness programmes on their health 2009 - 2012 Rs.9,98,100
Grand Total Rs. 9,98,100


S.No Funding Agencies Principal Investigator Title of the project Year of Sanction Sanction Amount
1. UGC Dr. B.A. Abdul Kareen
Department of Commerce
A Studybon the Awareness of Consumer Production Act and the Performance of the TirunelveliDistrict Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum 2010 - 2012 Rs.50,000
2. UGC Dr. S.H. Mohamed Ameen Department of Physics Study of the effect of Amino acids on the growth of Brushite - Urinary Crystals 2006-2008 Rs.70,000
3. UGC Dr. S. Mahadevan Department of Tamil Vannadasanin padaipilakiyangalil Eyarkai Nature in the works of Vannadasan 2009-2011 Rs.65,000
5. UGC Dr. A.M. Ayub khan Department of Tamil Tamil nazhithazhkalil Seitheeuthikal 2009 -2011 Rs.90,000
6. UGC Dr. A.H. Mohideen Badshah Department of History Muslim Rulers in Keelakarai Principakity 2009 - 2011 Rs.1,08,000
7. UGC Dr. S. Mohamed Haneef Department of English Techniques Involved in the Presentation of News Items in The Hindu and New Indian Express. 2014 - 2016 Rs. 2,35,000
8. UGC Dr. K. Syed Ali Badhusha Department of English The Role of English Commercial Advertisements in English Language Teaching 2014 - 2016 Rs.2,05,000
9. UGC Dr. S. Firthous Fathima Department of Mathematics A Study on BI-NEAR Subtraction Semi Groups 2014 - 2016 Rs.2,05,000
10. UGC Dr. M. Himaya Jaleela Begam Department of Mathematics A Study on T – Fuzzy BI Ideals of Near Ring 2014 - 2016 Rs.1,95,000
11. UGC Ms. S. Syed Ali Fathima Department of Mathematics A Study on Generalized Closed Sets in Generalized Topological Space. 2014 - 2016 Rs.1,90,000
12. UGC Dr.M.Sheik Muhideen Badhusha Department of Chemistry Green Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Biological Activities of Structurally modified ZnO Nano Particle. 2014 - 2016 Rs.4,10,000
13. UGC Mr. K. Sheik Thamby Department of Economics The impact of Brian Drain and the Socio-Economic conditions of foreign Job-holders families in Kanyakumari District 2014 - 2016 Rs.1,50,000
14. UBA, IIT Delhi, Dr. M. Sheik Muhideen Badhusha Dean of Research & Development Department of Chemistry “Green and Sustainable Synthesis of ZnO@Chitosan Nanocomposites: Growth Enhancer and Fungicide for Plants" 2022-2023 Rs. 1,00,000
Grand Total Rs. 20,73,000


S.No Funding Agencies Name of the Student Principal Investigator Title of the project Year of Sanction Sanction Amount
1. TNSCST Ms. M. Thasbeekal Begam (II M.Sc) Dr. M. Sheik Muhideen Badhusha, Department of Chemistry “Fabrication of Ni Nanoparticles Embedded PDA-β-CD@Fe3O4 Core-Shell: An Efficient Catalyst for Transfer Hydrogenation of Ketones” 2018 -2019 7,500
2. TNSCST K. Gajalakshmi ( II M.Sc) Dr. M. Suriya Prabha, Dept of Microbiology Isolation of Microbiome from Fermented Rice Water 2019-2020 7,500
3. TNSCST R.Mithun (II M.Sc) Dr. K. Feroz Khan, Dept of Microbiology Evaluation of different microorganism for effective bioremediation of grey wate 2019-2020 7,500
4. TNSCST M. Lavinesh (II Dr. R. Imran Khan, Dept of Chemistry Biomimetic catalysis by Cu(I) complex of ethylenediamine modified beta cyclodextrin in synthesis of benzoxazole derivatives via phenol and benzylamine coupling 2019-2020 7,500
5. TNAU Asan Ali (II M.Sc) Dr. Ramlath Sabural, Dept of Zoology Enterprising Mushroom Biotechnology for food, feed and Biomanure 2019-2020 6,000
6. TNAU Ms. Patchiammal (II M.Sc) Dr. Delita, Dept of Zoology Enterprising Mushroom Biotechnology for food, feed and Biomanure 2019-2020 6,000
7. TNSCST B. Sathish Kannan, S. Aruna Krishna Baby, M. Muthu Kumar Dr. M. Sheik Muhideen Badhusha, Department of Chemistry Facial green and sustainable synthesis of g-c3n4@cu-ag core-shell nanoparticles”: a new kind of emerging porous nanomaterial for enhanced ethanol sensing 2021-2022 7,500
8. TNSCST M.Ahamed Fathima, F.Sireen Sahana, L.Ariharan Iyappan, S.Baburathnam Dr. M.A. Sabitha Department of Chemistry Recycling of polyethylene using p-cymene synthesis using microbial conversion from limonene 2021-2022 7,500
9. TNSCST M.Nithya, S.Navaneethakrishnan Dr. Birlian Riwins Department of Chemistry Development of low cost 1D/2D metal oxide nanostructures for the degradation of synthetic dyes. 2021-2022 7,500
10. TNSCST K.Pon Ananthi Dr. Sithi Jameele Department of Zoology Effect of herbal plant extract on the economic parameters of bombyx mori parameters of silkworm bombyx mori 2021-2022 7,500
11. TNSCST S.Anusha Kumari Pushkala Dr. Amutha Department of Physics Green synthesis copper oxide nanoparticles using almond leaf 2021-2022 7,500
12. TNSCST M.Rizwana Fathima. Dr.I. Antony Danish Department of Chemistry Synthesis of heteroaryl substituted 4-phenyl pyrimidines by ultra – sonication as potential anticancer candidates targeting gpr120 and their insilico analysis 2022-2023 7,500
13. TNSCST Padmavathi.V Dr.Bensi P.S Department of Applied Nutrition Proximate and nutritional profile of emerging functional food: Microgreens 2022-2023 7,500
14. TNSCST D.Aishwariya S.Abirami Dr.Janet Rani.R Department of Microbiology Alternative media for fungi and its optimization 2022-2023 7,500
15. TNSCST Muthumari P Dr.Kavitha K Department of Microbiology Effective degradation of feather wastes using keratinase producing microbes 2022-2023 7,500
Grand Total 1,09,500


S.No Name of the Principal Investigator/ Department Title of the Minor Research Project Total Amount Year of Sanction
1. Dr.P. Jaslin Kanaga Inba, Department of Chemistry Synthesis, Antibacterial & Corrosion Inhibition activity of Schiff base Transition Metal Complexes 10.000 2019 - 2020
2. Dr. I. Antony Danish, Department of Chemistry Synthesis of 2-Aminopyrasol[2,3-b]Pyridines via MCR and their Antimicrobial Studies 10,000 2019 - 2020
3. Dr. M. Thameem Ansari, Department of Chemistry A Study of Magneto Ceramic Nanocomposite Material for Biomedical Applications 5,000 2019 - 2020
4. Dr. M.A. Sabitha, Department of Chemistry Phytoremediation of Waste water generated from our College using Osmium Sanctum Reusing for domestic purpose 10,000 2019 - 2020
5. Dr, R. Imran Khan, Department of Chemistry Biomimeric catalysis by Cu (I) complex of Ethylene-di-amine Modified Beta CD in synthesis of Benzoxazole derivatives 10,000 2019 - 2020
6. Dr.S. Mohamed Ramlath Sabura, Department of Zoology Vermicomposting-A Sustainable and an ecofriendly way for recycling of Institutional solid waste. 10,000 2019 - 2020
7. Dr. M. I. Delighta Mano Joyce, Department of Zoology Green synthesis of Ag Nanoparticles on growth and Economic parameters of Silkworm Bombye mori 10,000 2019 - 2020
8. Dr. J. Shifa Vanmathi, Department of Zoology A Study on flora and fauna diversity of Sadakathullah Appa College Compus 10,000 2019 - 2020
9. Dr. K. Chitra, Department of Microbiology Production of Biopolymer using Rhizobium Sps 10,000 2019 - 2020
10. Dr. M. Manokar, Department of Microbiology Third generation Biofuels from Microalgae by using sewage water 10,000 2019 - 2020
11. Dr. Feroz Khan, Department of Microbiology Evolution of different microorganism for effective bioremediation of grey water 10,000 2019 - 2020
12. Dr. M. Surya Prabha, Department of Microbiology Isolation of Micro biome from fermented Rice water 10,000 2019 - 2020
13. Dr. M. Senthil@Sanker, Department of Microbiology Comparative study of plat growth promoting rhizobacteria isolated from osmium santum and poaccae 10,000 2019 - 2020
14. Dr. R. Janet Rani, Department of Microbiology Enhance the Quality of Diary Prodects using Probiotics 10,000 2019 - 2020
15. Dr. S. Shajun Nisha, Department of Computer Science e-Dove 10,000 2019 - 2020
16. Dr.K. Amutha, Department of Physics Synthesis and Characterization of Nanosilica and Activated Carbon from Waste Material 10.000 2019 - 2020
17. Dr. D. Sathya, Department of Physics Growth and Characterization of Metal Organic Single Crystals by SR Method and slow evaporation method for NLO Applications 10,000 2019 - 2020
18. Dr. R. Jothi Mani, Department of Physics Size dependent Magnetic and Electrical properties and Antimicrobial pplications of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles 10,000 2019 - 2020
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