Sadakathullah Appa College named after the renowned Arabic scholar Sadakathullah Appa, was started in 1971. It symbolizes the unflinching and resolute commitment of great visionaries in bringing about academic excellence and socio-economic transformation of the common stacks, in general, and Muslims, in particular through the excellence of education.

It was my dream to provide avenues to the next generation to set about holistic changes that will significantly change the academic arena of the world. After the College becoming Autonomous, it has the academic liberty to perform multiple roles of creating new knowledge, new curriculum, acquiring new capabilities and producing an intelligent human resource for the promotion of economic growth, cultural development, equity, tolerance, justice and social unity. We are living in an age of challenges, wisdom and innovation, where the keys to success lie with the ability to create new perceptive and to explore new facts by acquiring and imparting knowledge.

As you enter the portals of this institution with hope and buoyancy, I assure you that your education here will cater to the changing demands and challenges of the society and shape the learners holistically into well-groomed personalities to face the challenges of the Globalization Era.

To me, powerful leadership is about building peace and harmony, effective navigation, and balancing and synergizing the pillars of an institution which includes its management, administration, faculty and students. Transparency and accountability are the adage of this institution as it reflects quality, confidence, and trust in providing advanced learning experience, benchmarked with quality education, intellectual freedom and critical research opportunities in the areas of contemporary concern.

Besides strengthening the Curriculum, Teaching-learning, Assessment and Evaluation process, Research and Extension programmes, special focus on Extracurricular, Sports and other similar activities to foster global competencies among the students is our priority.

Sadakathullah Appa College will be a place to help the youth develop themselves to their fullest potential and contribute to the inclusive development of the nation and a peaceful global society. To be part of the globalised fabric of the knowledge system, together we shall work collectively and systematically to promote the growth of this institution and make it the best choice of students.

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