Youth Red Cross 2015-2016

The following are the activities of YRC in our College. Dr. K. Sheik Mydeen, Department of Business Administration, is the Staff In-charge.

Date Programme Resource Person
12.03.2016 12.03.2016 Dr. A.H. Mohideen Badshah, Part V Convener
30.09.2015 Health Camp Health Camp

The Equal Opportunity Centre of our college aims at empowering the students from the weaker sections of the community and uplifting them on par with developed sections of the society. Prof. Mohamed Roshan is the staff in charge for the centre. The centre will conduct various programmes to provide exposure to the students from fringes of the society regarding the following:

  • Higher Education opportunities
  • Job opportunities for graduates and post graduates
  • Availability of Scholarships
  • Legal Education
  • Soft Skills Training for Employment purposes
  • Political/Constitutional Reservation Awareness
  • Human Rights/Women Rights Awareness

Before I conclude, let me express my profound gratitude to the Managing Committee in general and to the Secretaty, Alhaj T.E.S. Fathu Rabbani, in particular, for their support, advice and guidance in running this college successfully.

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