2.1.1 Average Enrollment Percentage

Students’ Enrollment (Year-wise)

Demand Ratio

Demand Ratio

2.1.2 Average percentage of seats filled against reserved categories

Seat Earmarked for Reserved Category
Admission extract for Reserved Category
Copy of letter issued by State Govt. or Central Govt. indicating the Reserved Category
Final Admission List

2.2.1 The institution assesses the learning levels of the students and organizes special programmes for advanced learners and slow learners

Programmes for advanced Learners
Programmes for Slow Learners
Additional Information

2.2.2 Student-Full-time Teacher Ratio

Total number of Students
Total number of Full-time Teacher

2.3.1 Student Centric Methods and Strategies used for enhancing Learning Experiences

Collaborative Learning
Experiential Learning
Participative Learning
Problem Solving Methodologies
Additional Information

2.3.2 Teachers use ICT Enabled Tools including Online Resources for effective Teaching and Learning Process

ICT enabled tools

2.3.3 Mentor Mentee Ratio

Circular pertaining to assigning mentors to mentees
Mentor-Mentee Interaction report

2.3.4 Academic Calendar and Teaching Plans

Academic Calendar
Teaching Plans

2.4.1 Average Percentage of Full–time Teachers

Full-time Teachers along with sanctioned post
2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
Faculty members authenticated by the Principal

2.4.2 Full-time Teachers with Ph.D.

Full-time Teachers with Ph.D
Supporting Documents

2.4.3 Total Experience of Full-time Teachers

Total number of Teaching Faculty
Appointment Letters of Teaching Faculty

2.5.1 Average number of days from the date of last semester-end/ year- end examination till the declaration of results

Academic Year Planner
Report of the COE

2.5.2 Average percentage of student complaints/grievances about evaluation against total number appeared in the examinations

Examination Grievances and Redressel Committee
Complaints/Grievances about Evaluation

2.5.3 Examination Management System

Examination Policy
Online Examination

2.6.1 Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes for all Programmes offered by the Institution

Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes

2.6.2 Attainment of programme outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated by the institution

Attainment of course outcomes (Programme-wise)

2.6.3 Pass Percentage of students

List of Programmes and Number of Students passed/ appeared in the Final Year Examination
Result Analysis Report
COE Report
2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17

2.7.1 Online student satisfaction survey regarding Teaching Learning Process

Student Satisfaction Survey
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