Research Department of English Name of the guide No.of. Scholars pursing Ph.D No.of. Scholars submitted Ph.D Thesis No.of. Scholars awarded Ph.D No.of. vacancies
1 Dr.M.Mohamed Haneef 4 - 1 Nil
2 Dr.Kanna Muthiah 4 - - Nil
3 Dr.K.Hema 4 2 - Nil
4 Dr. K. Syed Ali badusha 4 - - Nil
5 Dr. Yunush Ahamed Mohamed Sherif 4 - - Nil Name of the Supervisor Name of Scholar Thesis Title Date of Commencement Mode
1 V.Krishnaveni From annihilation to assimilation:A feministic study of the selected novels of Manju kapur chitra banerjee divakaruni and preethi nair 10/08/2017 Full Time
2 Dr.M.Mohamed Haneef M.Fathima Sanjeetha/td> Gastronomy and dreams in identity formation in select novels of chitra banerjee divakaruni and preethi nair 10/08/2017 Full Time
3 Dr.M.Mohamed Haneef M.Ummu Jasmine An experimental study of teaching language skills through biographies 10/08/2017 Part Time
4 Dr.M.Mohamed Haneef R.Balamurugan From subjucation to resistance:A subaltern study of select works of Tony Morrison and Bama 10/08/2018 Part Time
5 Dr.M.Mohamed Haneef M.BenazirNuzrath Lives Of Bowl In The Hills: A Comparative Study Of Tribals In Select Works Of Mamang Dai And Mahesweta Devi
6 Dr.Kanna Muthiah A.Subashini A Prominent Muslim Personalities in Tirunelveli District 1900- 2000 7/12/2013 Part Time
7 Dr.Kanna Muthiah A.Subashini Transition in post colonial perspectives:A comparative study of the select novels of Kamala markandaya and anitha nair 02/12/2013 Part Time
8 Dr.Kanna Muthiah D.Srinivasan Politics in Mahesh Dattani’s Select palys 12/02/2014 Part Time
9 Dr.Kanna Muthiah S.Sugumar Chetan Bagath as Master weaver of characters-A reflection of contemporary Indian Society in select narratives 07/07/2014 Part Time
10 Dr.K.Hema R.Kiruba Arputha Jebamary Gynocentrism in the Chronological Autobiographies of Maya Angelou March 2017 Full Time
11 Dr.K.Hema S.Viji Estrangement:A constant Malady Afflicting the Life Trajectory of African American Women with special reference to the Select Novels of Terry McMillian March 2017 Full Time
12 Dr.K.Hema M.Jeba Malar Freeda G.U. pope as a Translator with Special Reference to his Select Works from Tamil into English March 2017 Full Time
13 Dr.K.Hema M. Christy Nivetha “Colonial Discourse and the Imperial Gaze: Lacan’s notion of the Gaze and scopic drive in select Novels” March 2017 Full Time
14 Dr.K.Hema M.Sumathy Slavery, Crutely and the rise of Humanitarianism in slave August 2017 Part Time
15 Dr. K. Syed Ali badusha M.Ramasundari “A study of Multiple English Translations of Kalki’sSivagamiyinSabatham with focus on Lexis, Syntax, Style and Culture” Full Time
16 Dr. K. Syed Ali badusha K. Sabitha “Nativism, Provincialism and Fatalism in the select Novels of Anees Salim” Full Time
17 Dr. K. Syed Ali badusha A. Justin Raj “Ethnophilosophical Reflections: A study of Ethos and Myths of Nagas in the select Novels of EasterineKire” Part Time
18 Dr. K. Syed Ali badusha M.Hajara Lakshmi Holmstrom as a translator of poetry, Fiction and Short stories from Tamil into English Full Time
19 Dr. Yunush Ahamed Mohamed Sherif P Abubakkar Sithique Minimalism and Maximalism in the comic strips of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ by Bill Watterson. 28.08.2019 Full Time
20 Dr. Yunush Ahamed Mohamed Sherif P. Mohaideen Fathima Investigating the Issues in Translating Tamil Dialects into English in the Select Novels of T. Janakiraman, Thoppil Mohamed Meeran and Imayam 16.07.2019 Full Time
21 Dr. Yunush Ahamed Mohamed Sherif Lalitha M An Exploration of the De-Centered Universe in the Select novels of Amitav Ghosh Upamanyu Chatterjee and Sunetra Gupta 17.07.2019 Part Time
22 Dr. Yunush Ahamed Mohamed Sherif S O Katheeja Fazeela Oriental Outlook in the Select Occidental Novels of Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall 16.07.2019 Part Time
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