Research Department of History Name of the guide No.of. Scholars pursing Ph.D No.of. Scholars submitted Ph.D Thesis No.of. Scholars awarded Ph.D No.of. vacancies
1 Dr.M.Nazeer Ahamed 6 1 2 Nil
2 Dr.A.H.Mohideen Badshah 6 - 4 Nil
3 Dr.K.Asha 4 - - Nil
4 Dr. Abdul Azeez 4 - - Nil Name of the Supervisor Name of Scholar Thesis Title Date of Commencement Mode
1 J. Nisha (9232) Muslim Politicians in Tirunelveli (1906-1987) 10/08/2017 Full Time
2 R. Rahmath Nisha Advent of Islam and Muslims in Madurai District 10/08/2017 Full Time
3 J. Jency Gnana Selvi Tirunelveli Diocese and Women Emancipation 10/08/2017 Full Time
4 Dr. M. Nazeer Ahamed S. Ramalakshmi Movements and Legilations for Women Empowerment in Tamil Nadu From 1947 to 2010 10/08/2018 Part Time
5 Dr. M. Nazeer Ahamed M. Raman A Study on Higher Educational Institution in Thoothukudi District 02/12/2013
6 Dr. M. Nazeer Ahamed K. Syed Ibrahim A Prominent Muslim Personalities in Tirunelveli District 1900- 2000 7/12/2013
5 Dr. A.H. Mohideen Badshah Muhammed Madheena Monuments and Tombs of Historical Importance in Tirunelveli District 10.08.2017 Part Time
6 Dr. A.H. Mohideen Badshah Jaya Prabha History of Law in India 05.07.2018 Part Time
7 Dr. A.H. Mohideen Badshah Jayasree V T A Biographical Study of Sree Narayan Guru 05.03.2019 Part Time
8 Dr. A.H. Mohideen Badshah G Selvi History of Uvari Region- A Study 17.07.2019 Part Time
9 Dr. A.H. Mohideen Badshah Kathiresan R Tamil Muslim Saints in Southern Tamil Nadu- A Historical Study 30.08.2019 Part Time
10 Dr. A.H. Mohideen Badshah Wilson Everbright History of Marakkayars 07.03.2020 Part Time
9 K. Manickam History and Archaeology of Eral and Srivaikundam Taluks up to 1600 AD 13.07.2018 Part Time
10 J. Mary Romy Origin and Development of Western Education in south 20.12.2018 Part Time
11 Dr.K.Asha M. Durga Devi Socio-Economic and political conditions of Ambasamudram Taluk from 1947 - 2000 21.12.2018 Part Time
12 Dr.K.Asha A. Ruby Contribution of Christian Missionaries in Ambasamudram Taluk, Tirunelveli Dt a Study 21.12.2018 Part Time
14 Dr. Abdul Azeez Mahaboobbani@Razia Socio, Cultural History of Kadayanallur 30.12.2020 Full Time
15 Dr. Abdul Azeez M. Shul Hameed Madarasa Education in Tamilnadu-A Historical Study 30.12.2020 Part Time
16 Dr. Abdul Azeez S. Mohamed Ismail Hussain Melapalayam Region Through Ages 30.12.2020 Part Time
17 Dr. Abdul Azeez R. Shahul Hameed Socio Cultural History of Tenkasi 30.12.2020 Full Time
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