Research Department of Zoology Name of the guide No.of. Scholars pursing Ph.D No.of. Scholars submitted Ph.D Thesis No.of. Scholars awarded Ph.D No.of. vacancies
2 Dr.M.I.ZAHIR HUSSAIN 3 - - 1
4 DR. SHIFA VANMATHI 3 - - 1 Name of the Supervisor Name of Scholar Thesis Title Date of Commencement Mode
1 DR.M.SITHI JAMEELA M.CHITRA DEVI Evaluation and standardization of supplementary feed using selected species of marine algae and mushroom for the growth and cocoon formation in silkworm Bombyx mori L 19211192192007 & 16/07/2019 Full Time
2 DR.M.SITHI JAMEELA S. RAMESH KUMAR Investigation of proteomics and metabolomics approach on tadpole clinnotarsus curtipes 19211192191025 & 04/09/2019 Full Time
3 DR.M.SITHI JAMEELA M. SANJEETHA SUBIN Influence of gut and skin microflora of some snails and fish on the growth promoting of plants and animals 20111192182002 & 09/03/2020 Full Time
4 DR.M.SITHI JAMEELA S.HAMEEDULLAH SHERIEF Conservation and selective breeding of endangered freshwater species of fishes 20121192201004 & 12/03/2020 Part Time
5 DR.M.SITHI JAMEELA G.GAYATHRI Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds from selected species of sea urchin and study of growth parameters and biochemical analysis in freshwater fish fed with bioactive compounds enriched supplementary feed 212111192192006 & 02/03/2022 Full Time
6 Dr.M.I.ZAHIR HUSSAIN MRS. M. KARTHIKA Studies on growth responses in Indian Major Carp cyprinus carpio feed with bioconverted fruit waste 18221192192023 & 05/07/2018 Part Time
7 Dr.M.I.ZAHIR HUSSAIN R.MARI VIGNESH Isolation and characterizartion of endophytes from rain tree samanea saman(jacq)merr and its impact on the growth performance of paddy oryza sativa and fresh water fish cyprinous carpia 19111192201006& 2018/20/12 Full Time
8 Dr.M.I.ZAHIR HUSSAIN A.SHAJAHAN Studies on the growth and economical characters of various probiotic enriched mulberry leaves fed silkworm Bombyx mori L 20111192191003& 11.03.2020 Full Time
9 DR.M.I.DELIGHTA MANO JOYCE M.BALASARASWATHI The effect of ferulic acid and aloevera on hibiscus cannabinus infected by root knot nematode 20211192192010& 31/12/2021 Full Time
10 DR.M.I.DELIGHTA MANO JOYCE C.VENNILA SANTHA RUBY Studies on phrmocological activity of colonial ascidians 20221192192012& 30.12.2020 Part Time
11 DR.M.I.DELIGHTA MANO JOYCE C INDHUJA Comparative analysis on the growth and economic parameters of non mulberry silk worm Philosomia ricini based on different medicinal plant 20211192192011& 30.12.2020 Full Time
12 DR. SHIFA VANMATHI K. AJINTHA Green synthesis of Ag nanoparticles using selected medicinal plants and their potential applications in Pharmacological approach 19221192192027 & 30.08.2019 Full Time
13 DR. SHIFA VANMATHI G. CAROLIN PRIYA STEPIN Characterization and Pharmaceutical Applications of Bio polymers from selected molluscs and Crustaceans 21211192192007 & 31.01. 2022 Full Time
14 DR. SHIFA VANMATHI VANESH Green Synthesis Of Ag Nanoparticles Using Medicinal Plants On Antimicrobial And Antidiabetic Activity Of Streptozotocin Induced Mice 19221192191026 & 09.01.2020 Part Time
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