Research Department of Physics Name of the guide No.of. Scholars pursing Ph.D No.of. Scholars submitted Ph.D Thesis No.of. Scholars awarded Ph.D No.of. vacancies
1 Dr. S.H. Mohamed Ameen Nil Nil Nil 6
2 Dr.S.M.Abdul Kader 3 - - 3
3 Dr.M.Mohamed Roshan 3 - - 1
4 Dr.V.Chinnathambi 2 2 2 2
5 Dr. Jothimani 4 - - Nil

PG & Research Department of Physics Name of the Supervisor Name of the Scholar Thesis Title Date ofCommencement Mode
1. Dr.S.M.Abdul Kader P.Mohammed Yusuf Ansari Green and Sustainable Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles and to Study its Characteristics 21.12.2018 Full Time
2. R.M. Muthukrishnan Investigation on the Properties of Multiferroic Materials 23.12.2018 Full Time
3. (Co-Guide for) K. Thilaga Nucleation Kinetics, Crystal Growth and Studies of Some Technologically Important Second Order and Third Order NLO Crystals 21.07.2019 Part Time
4. Dr. M. Mohamed Roshan Sai Gowri. R Synthesis of Lead Free Piezoelectric Ceramic Materials and their Suitable Applications 28.08.2019 Full Time
5. Irfana Amrin. M Synthesis and Chracterization of Metal Nanoparticles and their Applications 01.09.2019 Full Time
6. J. Jebamalar Belciya Molecular Structure investigation on Sulfa Drugs 30.12.2020 Full Time
7. Dr.V.Chinnathambi B. Bhuvaneshwari (F) Investigation of certain Nonlinear phenomena in forced chuna’s circuit 19.12.2018 Full Time
8. S.Valli Priyatharsini(F) Full Time
9. Dr. Jothimani M. Sharmila (F) Green Synthesis Of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Using Plant Extracts 05.07.2018 Full Time
10. A.Adeline Lydia Josephine (F) Part Time
11. A.Ferin Fathima (F) Doping Effects Of Transition Metals On Zno Nanoparticles And Their Photocatalytic Properties 05.07.2018 Part Time
12. S. Sofiya Dayana (F) Green Synthesis Of Metal Nanoparticles 05.07.2018 Part Time
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