3.1.1 Policy for Promotion of Research

Research Policy
Research Promotion Committee

3.1.2 Provision of Seed Money to Teachers

List of Teachers receiving Grants and Details of Grants Received
Minutes of the Relevant Bodies
Budget and Expenditure Statements
Sample Report

3.1.3 Awards to Teachers for Advanced Studies / Research

List of Teachers and their Awards Details
E-copies of the Award Letters

3.2.1 Grants Received from Government and Non-Government Agencies for Research

List of Project and Grant Details
E-copies of Grant Letters

3.2.2 Teachers having Research Projects

List of Teachers
E-copies of Grant Letters

3.2.3 Teachers recognised as Research Guides

Ph.D Guideship

3.2.4 Departments having Research Project funded by Government Agencies

List of Research Project and Funding Details
Supporting Documents

3.3.1 Ecosystem for Innovation, Creation and Transfer of Knowledge

Institution's Innovation Cell
Additional Information

3.3.2 Workshops / Seminars conducted on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights, Entrepreneurship and Skill Developments

Workshops / Seminars
Additional Information

3.4.1 Code of Ethics for Research

Code of Ethics for Research
Research Methodology Courses
Research Promotion Committee
Research Ethics Committee
Software used for Plagiarism Check

3.4.2 Ph.D Registered

Teachers with Ph.D
List of Research Guides
List of Ph.D Scholars
URL to the Research Page

3.4.3 Research Papers in Journals

Journal Publications
Paper Published by the Faculties

3.4.4 Books and Chapters in Edited Volumes / Books Published and Papers in National / International Conference Proceedings

Academic Year 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
Number of Books / Chapters and Conference Proceedings 56 48 74 79 56

3.4.5 / 3.4.6 Bibliometrics of the Publications

Average Citation Index in Scopus / Web of Sciences / SCI

3.5.1 Revenue Generated from Consultancy and Corporate Training

List of Consultants and their Services
Corporate Training
Supporting Documents

3.5.2 Developing Facilities, Training teachers and Staff for Undertaking Consultancy

Facilities Created
Training Programmes for Teachers and Staff
Audited Statement of Accounts

3.6.1 Extensions Activities carried out in Neighbourhood Community

Extension Activities / Outreach Programmes

3.6.2 Awards and Recognitions Received for Extension Activities

Awards and Recognition

3.6.3 Extension and Out-Reach Programmes conducted by the Institution

Extension and Out-Reach Programmes conducted
Supporting Documents

3.6.4 Students Participating in Extension Activities

List of Students Participated in Extension Activities
Supporting Documents
Sample Certificate

3.7.1 Collaborative Activities

List of Collaborative Activities for Research, Faculty
Academic Year 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
Number of Collaborative Activities 42 78 211 872 852
List View View View View View
Copies of Collaboration
Additional Information

3.7.2 Functional MoUs

Details of MoUs with other Institution
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